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When a home is delivered, the buyer will find a kitchen there that has been selected by the developer and contractor. It is often a thirteen-in-a-dozen example that no one can fall for - but really fun is different. If you ask the buyer, he would have chosen a different kitchen himself. But customizations are expensive, and ditching the standard kitchen isn't a cheap option. That should be possible, and it can.


With The Cookery you make the home attractive to the buyer, without hassle. With a few simple choices, the buyer can arrange the compact high-end kitchen unit according to his own wishes, both practically and aesthetically. But the contractor also reaps the benefits: The Cookery comes standard with the same connections for every home. Thanks to The Cookery, the developer can in turn market the home higher, while the purchase price remains attractively low.


We feel responsible for all parts of The Cookery, from the beginning to the end of the product. That is why all materials used by The Cookery are circular. At the end of their life, we pick up the kitchen and recycle or reuse the parts.

Less risk, more benefit

The Cookery is a kitchen with a high market value, at an attractive price. In addition, the kitchen poses fewer risks for the developer. Due to its simple design and standard implementation, the chance of errors during installation is small. An online ordering platform regulates the choices that the buyer has indicated; the installation is done by an experienced serial kitchen builder with its own staff.



When designing The Cookery, all facets of the kitchen have been re-examined: the use, the components, the materials, but also the position of the kitchen within the household now and in the future. The kitchen lends itself to open building, is fully circular and efficient in use of space. The tasteful simplicity with which the kitchen is put together makes The Cookery easy to apply in different interiors.

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Let op: Op ons kantoor kunt u The Cookery niet bezichtigen. De showrooms is in Amsterdam en alleen te bezoeken op afspraak.

The Cookery
Rigakade 10
1013 BC Amsterdam

tel: +31 (0)20 244 2906

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