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Our partners

Together we can do more than alone.
The Cookery was therefore created thanks to the partners below.

Beyond Space

Beyond Space is a multidisciplinary architectural firm, based in Amsterdam. In addition to creating uncomplicated architecture, Beyond Space likes to design for interiors what they themselves lack in the existing range. For example, their award-winning office line 'The Boring Collection' was created due to a lack of good-looking office furniture. The Cookery and The Lavatory were born in 2020 out of dissatisfaction with the standard kitchens delivered in new construction projects.




Julia is the full-service director's bureau that gives professional housing a personal character. They excel in realizing a unique work, brand or guest experience by building impressive, professional accommodation. Interior, exterior or turn key. (Re)build, move or make more sustainable. With a unique vision and approach in the field of designed to build: cleverly conceived, strongly directed, perfectly organized and realized within budget. That's in their character.



Quooker is a family business, built on enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. The pride in Henri Peteri, father of Quooker directors Walter and Niels Peteri and inventor of the boiling water tap, is still tangible.
The Quooker was the very first boiling water tap in the world. Inventions such as the highly vacuum-insulated reservoir, the all-in-one taps Quooker Fusion and Flex and the series of black boiling water taps revolutionized the kitchen. Innovation 'around the sink' continues every day at Quooker.



Smeg is an Italian family business that produces design kitchen appliances.
For more than 60 years, Smeg's products have been known for their elegant and tasteful design, resulting from the collaboration with world-renowned architects.
Thanks to the corporate culture and philosophy within Smeg Group with an emphasis on quality, technology and design, Smeg is known internationally as a leading representative of “Made in Italy”.


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