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Over The Cookery

Over The Cookery

The Cookery is a redefinition of the standard kitchen in new homes. A compact kitchen island that meets today's consumer demands and is designed with the philosophy of a car.

The result is a high-end mass product with multiple options where every part is optimized down to the last detail.

Who we are

The Cookery and The Lavatory were born in 2020 out of dissatisfaction with the standard kitchens delivered in new-build projects. Read more about it on the Partner page .

Our mission

The Cookery is the successor to the classic standard kitchen in new homes, with an eye for the demands and needs of today. The result is a compact cooking island, which can be customized thanks to multiple options and suitable for any interior. A small island, where you never get in each other's way, thanks to its efficient and logical design.

The Cookery offers solutions to problems that we only register once we have experienced the alternative. Rather, we don't think about it: we accept the standard kitchen that came with the house, with the standard low countertop, unusable sink cabinet and cramped workspace. These kitchens remain rigid in the offer under the guise: 'it's good, because that's how we've always done it'.

But times change. The average height of a person has increased almost four inches in the past sixty years; things like the dishwasher, induction hob and recycling have made their appearance. Time for a redesign.

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To keep emissions from transport to a minimum, The Cookery's kitchens are built entirely in the Netherlands.


We feel responsible for all parts of The Cookery, from the beginning to the end of the product. That is why all materials used by The Cookery are circular. At the end of their life, we pick up the kitchen and recycle or reuse the parts.

Working at The Cookery


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