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The most complete compact kitchen island

The Cookery is the kitchen that suits your home, but also your taste and needs. That's in details such as the slightly higher countertop, but also in the standard luxury options and the space to cook together.

And all this packed into a small and compact island, designed in such a way that it has at least as much storage as a standard kitchen and you never get in each other's way.



Compact size

More height, more storage.The Cookery is slightly higher than usual. These extra centimeters create more storage space. With a size of 2.45 × 0.93 m and the possibility to be placed both free-standing and against the wall, the island fits in almost every apartment.

Room for two (or more)

Cooking together is fun, but with too little space it can get very hot in the kitchen. Thanks to the efficient layout of The Cookery, it remains cosy: the sink is placed in such a way that the tap can be operated from both sides. And because the kernels are arranged in a row, there is room on both sides for cutting and preparing.

Stainless Steel Blade

The blade is made of stainless steel. Handy, it is hygienic, liquid-tight and heat-resistant. Practically maintenance-free, and also beautiful to look at.

Standard luxury with a personal touch

The Cookery is standard equipped with a Quooker, integrated waste separation, refrigerator, dishwasher, 3 induction hobs, built-in sockets and a combi oven. In addition, you can determine some options such as the color, motion-sensitive lighting in the plinth, a bar top or a steam oven instead of the combi oven.

Large sink

Nice: finally a sink that fits your large pans. Because the container is less deep, space is created underneath for a full-fledged kitchen cupboard. In addition, the stainless steel flows seamlessly into the kitchen worktop: not only beautiful, but also very hygienic.

Cutlery drawer

Thanks to the extra wide 120 centimeters cutlery tray, the contents remain clear, because everything fits easily in it. Your things will stay nicely organized if you opt for the specially designed The Cookery cutlery dividers.

Cooking rings

The Cookery has three large built-in induction hobs. The burners are located next to each other instead of in a square, so that three large pans can fit on them at the same time without any problems. Accidentally knocking a hot pan off the fire no longer happens thanks to this setup.


The selected colors complement both a timeless and contemporary interior perfectly. Choose something that seamlessly integrates your kitchen into your home, or give it the leading role in your interior.


The selected colors complement both a timeless and contemporary interior perfectly. Choose something that seamlessly integrates your kitchen into your home, or give it the leading role in your interior.

The options


The Cookery comes with a Quooker Fusion. This comes standard in stainless steel, but black is also an option at an additional cost. In addition to hot, cold and boiling water, the Quooker can also provide chilled sparkling water, if you combine it with an optional Quooker CUBE.

Steam oven

The Cookery is standard equipped with a combi oven. Do you also want to be able to steam your food? Then choose the combi steam oven yourself.

XL Cookery

Want even more extra storage? Then choose the XL Cookery, which is 60cm longer. It has a fifth box on both sides. Instead of two drawers of 120 centimeters, the XL version is equipped with four drawers of 100 centimeters.


Do you like to have your guests close by while cooking or would you like more work space? Then expand your island with our wooden bar table.

Built-in refrigerator options

You can also vary widely with the cold side of The Cookery. For example, opt for a built-in freezer instead of an extra refrigerator. And if you take a separate refrigerator, there will of course be room in the kitchen for an extra kitchen cupboard.

Plinth lighting

The plinth lighting has a motion sensor and switches on automatically as soon as you approach it. Ideal for late night snacking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see it somewhere?

The Cookery staat in Amsterdam en Lochem en is op afspraak te bezichtigen. 

How fast can it be delivered?

The Cookery can be delivered and installed within two to four weeks, as the island is produced from stock.

Is the sink not too shallow?

Traditionally, a sink had to be deep enough to do the dishes. But now we have dishwashers and the need for a deep bowl is no longer needed. Instead, we opted for a long sink: so it fits in the same amount of water.

How do I ensure that The Cookery is properly connected?

When purchasing The Cookery, you will receive a drawing in advance that indicates which connections must be made. With this drawing, your contractor or installer can have the correct connections made. If it turns out that the connections cannot be made in accordance with this drawing, The Cookery cannot be installed and you will get your money back.

Can I also install the kitchen myself?

The Cookery is delivered in prefabricated parts and installed and connected by our specialists. It is therefore not possible to install the kitchen yourself.

Can I also install my own equipment?

The design of The Cookery is fully coordinated; the equipment is therefore cleverly built-in. It is therefore not possible to install your own equipment without loss of warranty.

Isn't he too high for me?

The Cookery is only available in heights of 95 or 100 centimeters. Standard kitchens have a countertop that is 92 centimeters high. Decades ago, this height was based on the average height of individuals. But that average length is now a lot longer. A higher countertop is therefore certainly not an unnecessary luxury.
But even if you are smaller than average, a higher countertop is nice: research has shown that a higher kitchen for shorter people is ergonomically better than a kitchen that is too low for tall people. Another advantage: the extra centimeters mean that the built-in appliances can be used more efficiently.

Do I also need an extractor?

Not always. Modern new-build homes often have a central exhaust system, which automatically ensures sufficient air exchange and the removal of food odours. In addition, induction hobs generate less heat than gas hobs. As a result, the cooking fat can no longer evaporate, but precipitates before it can spread through the room.
In homes without a central extraction system or with limited capacity, we do recommend using an extractor hood.

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